Dear Eduardo Saccone, Welcome on PDB online | Deposit Account balance : US$ 10,123,700.0 | Loans : US$ 0.0

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Savings                                                                       US$       450

*******098 Elite Acc.                                                  

last transaction: DAB cash out - January, 4th 2008

Savings                                                                  US$ 10,123,250

*******112 CD                                                                                             APY 2.03%

term: Sept. 1th 2020

Total: Deposit accounts                                        US$ 10,123,700                                        




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Total: Loans                                                                     US$ 0.0

Visa                                                                                    US$ 0.0

Credit Card                                                                                                            pay

Mortgage                                                                           US$ 0.0

**********                                                                                                            pay

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Dear Sir Eduardo Saccone Your account balance is Ten millions, one hundred twenty three and Seven hundred US Dollars! Thanks for choosing the PDB