Wealth management

Let   your money works for you

Savings & CDs

  • Saving accounts
  • Certificates of deposit  (CDs)
  • Money Market




Family Office

  • Family wealth Stewardship
  • Strategic Risk Management
  • Investment Consulting
  • Family Administration and CFO Services

Brokerage Services

  • Brokerage/ Investment accounts
  • Retirement & Tax-Defered Accounts
  • Money Management
  • Estates planning

Insurance Services

  • Life insurance
  • Multi-Benefit Insurance 
  • Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Disability Insurance

Every investment plan needs to include strategies for protecting your loved ones. Our  company offers a range of insurance solutions to safeguard both your financial security and the security of your loved ones in the event of your disability or death. 

Brokerage Services is a full service  that is committed to working with you to realize your dreams. We believe in building a relationship with you, offering solutions and putting together a financial roadmap to guide you along the path toward your long-term financial goals and dreams.

We understand the financial complexities and lifestyle challenges faced by families of significant wealth. PDB has built a solid reputation for collaborating with successful families and helping them make informed decisions on matters affecting today's and tomorrow's generations.  We advise more than $2.2 billion in client assets  worldwide.

Open a Millenium VIP Account (Mil VIP) and get up to 1.5% each day and a free Credit/Debit Card : Daily withdrawal up to US$25,000

Contact us to explain how we can help you  info@panafdevbank.com  

Make your money work for you by opening savings account with PDB. We offer you the best interest rate on the market on your savings and CD's. 

You can choose one of our  saving accounts option.

Elite Account : 3% APY


Elite Account

Min.  deposit : US$ 25,000

Free Visa Credit/Debit   Card - Withdrawal allowed - minimum balance  US$10,000

Investment accounts for  trading 

Forex,  Index , Commodities....


Investment accounts for  direct  options:  Bonds, Bank instruments leasing,  real estates ....  


Investment accounts for  future   income :  retirement  plan,s, long-term insurance products,  fix term deposit


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