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PDB, The African bank !

Development partners


We work with major African continent development partners. Reliable and trusfull partnership is the key of our success so governments can have benefit to work with us

How we can help governments


Working with the Pan-African Development Bank is walking with a trustfull partner.


For projects aiming to promote development such as: Energy production, foods & water, infrastructures, education, health... we bring financial and technical support to governments.


Financial support may be in form of Funding ( Direct or Indirect ), Capital fundraising or Bank guarantees. For the last one, we sometimes back 100% the project by offering full guarantees to investors.


Technical Support is to make avaiblable experts the bank usually work with.  We deal with renowned and experienced people in Business, Economic & financial operations, Supply chain, Architecture and Ingineering......





About Africa development


We are committed to be engaged in Africa development at any level we can bring our support. 


So we support governements and international institutions aiming to promote sustainable development and better african people life.


We raise fund with public and private entities to fund big project on African continent. Also, we can take the lead of development project by project initiation, fundrasing and execution, always hand in hand with governments and development partners.


Our actions are direct funding by the Bank or indirect one through institutions we are partner with.

Projects portfolio


Some major projects on the continent, we are funding alongside with other development partners and private companies.


>> Menengai geothermal development project: Green energy in motion


Increasing Kenya electricity production  by building a terminal based on geothermal potential of the country. Production capacity: 400MegaWatt 


Country affected:  Kenya

Sector: Energy and power

AfDB  Funding:  US$502,9   million

 ( part of  PDB

funding: US$100   million)













>> Project snapshot – Ouarzazate solar complex (NOORo I; II and III solar plants)


Construction of two concentrated solar power plants with parabolic troughs with 3 hour (Noor I), 7 hour (Noor II), and a concentrated solar power plant with tower 7-8 hour (Noor III) storage capacity


Country affected:  Morocco

Sector: Renewable energy and power generation
AfDB related financing:  €200 million from AfDB (Noor I, II and III); €200 million from the  Clean Technology Fund (18% of share owned by  the Pan-African  Development Bank)


>>  Refinery oil project:  Oil refinery   in Cameroon  in Kribi Town


The  second Oil refinery of the country is on the GO.  PDB invest  in the project  by supporting the russian company  Rusgazengineering Group.


Country affected:  Cameroon

Sector: Energy 
Rusgazengineering Group:

 €800 millions  ( €200   millions 

 invested by the PDB)

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