Hi Jean Charles BARRE , Welcome on PDB online | Fixed term account balance : € 1,500,000.0 | Loans : € 0.0

Accounts summary

ELITE ( CD )                                                € 1,500,000.0

 *******112 CD                                                                             APY 2.03%

term: October 26th 2025


**MT101 SGB BENIN *Code* 098XXX10272015XX

Total: Deposit accounts                                 € 1,500,000.0                                         




Deposit Accounts






Total: Loans                                                          € 0.0

Visa                                                                      € 0.0

Credit Card                                                                                       pay

Mortgage                                                              € 0.0

**********                                                                                      pay


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Jean Charles BARRE, Your account balance is One Million, five hundred thousands Euros! Thanks for choosing the PDB

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Transactional fees

Leasing fees                                               € -30,000.0

*******112 CD                                                                                pay

Transfer costs                                                     € 0.0

*******112 CD                                                                                pay

Total: TF                                                    € -30,000.0





We would like to inform you a modification has been done on the name of the account holder.

Now Jean Charles BARRE in lieu of Marie Rose BEAUVELLET is the owner of the account CD2769087112 valued at $1,500,000.0


Please contact your bank account manager for further procedure. It is a pleasure for us to have you as a client


Welcom to the Pan African Development bank !



General Management

Pan African Development Bank - West & Central Africa Department